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The final stop in our farm to cup philosophy, explore Valentine coffee at its absolute best.


5918 W. Vliet Street,
Milwaukee, WI


6am – 6pm Every Day


Espresso MachineA timeless method of brewing, our expert baristas make use of pressure, not gravity, and an artfully constructed profile to create a robust balance of flavors.

Espresso is the method of forcing a small amount of water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans.  Our baristas harness the espresso machine by designing brew profiles for each roast, each day, and for each unique drink they are creating.  The profile each barista creates is a recipe of time, water temperature and pressure in varying stages to create the perfect espresso.  Look for the crema on the top of your espresso shot, it is coffee foam produced from the process and a unique way to experience a depth of flavor you may not have thought possible.  Espresso is also the base for drinks like the Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, and Macchiato.

Classic Latte Art



2oz shot of espresso with hot steamed milk with little to no foam.   Look for latte art, is more than just an enjoyable part of the baristas job, it is the foretelling of a perfectly made drink.   Care and attention to timing, temperature and texture must all be in balance for the art, and the drink to be perfect. Try our flavored lattes.


Wet Cappuccino is a 2oz shot of espresso + textured milk.   A classic dry cappuccino is espresso + the foam only.


A classic Macchiato is an espresso shot + a little foam.


Espresso + Hot water gives a similar strength as a brewed cup of Coffee but with different flavor.


2oz Espresso + 2oz hot steamed milk.  Try it with Vanilla

Brew Bar

Extracting each of our coffee’s innate flavors is what our brew bar is about.  The water is always 209 degrees, each cultivar has a specific grind and each cup is measured to the gram, ensuring everything we can control is in perfect balance.  Every cup is hand poured so you can experience Valentine coffee at its very best, Taste art and science collide in the perfect cup of coffee.

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Brew Bar


Green TeaMatcha Tea is a finely ground Japanese Green Tea, which is prepared to order in the tasting room. First the matcha is shaken through a sieve for uniformity, and then hot (not boiling: 170°F) water is added. The mixture is then hand whisked in the serving cup, using a bamboo tool known as a chasen. The resulting tea is frothy and rich in flavor, while the many health benefits of drinking green tea are amplified, as the Matcha leaf remains in the tea.

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Hermann Moser ‘13

“Karmeliterberg” Gruner Veltliner, Kremstal, Austria

Sans Liege ‘13

“Côtes-du-Coast”, Central Coast, California
(Viognier, Roussanne, Grenache Blanc, Marsanne)

Boundary Breaks Vineyard ‘13

“Ovid Line North” Riesling, Finger Lakes, New York

Ruffino NV Sparkling Wine

Prosecco, Italy


Montinore Estate ‘13

“Red Cap” Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon

Selvapiana ‘13

Chianti Rufina, Tuscany, Italy

Château Virecourt ‘13

“Pillebourse” Bordeaux Superieur, France