People cultivate coffee, and responsible farming is about the farmers that produce micro-lot coffee with care and attention.  We work with farmers that are responsible citizens of the earth and respect the fruit they produce by not using unnecessary chemicals & genetic modification to increase yields.  We build the relationships with farmers directly to impact quality; helping to spread knowledge and keeping lines open to influence great farming today, and innovation in the future.  Insisting on responsible farming means sustainable, delicious coffee that evokes its origin.




Responsible sourcing is being mindful of the entirety of the process from fruit to cup, and actively seeking and supporting partners that champion conscionably produced and traded coffee.  It’s our mission to support, grow and keep healthy the global community that is unequivocally committed to producing great coffee, nothing is more important to us.  That responsibility seeps into everything we do including serving coffee with compostable cups and lids, buying roasters made in America and serving local food, milk, tea, and vanilla in our tasting room.  Down to every minute detail, responsibility in sourcing is core to who we are.


Finding farmers that pour their souls into coffee and bringing it to our roastery with integrity is only two-thirds of the equation.  It’s our goal to find the terroir in each bean we roast and our responsibility to the farm and the farmer to highlight, through flavor, the identity of that coffee.  Through speculative roasting with an open mind, we have a conversation with coffee to discover how it responds, and where it its greatest potential for terroir lies.   It is our responsibility to find the fullest expression of each coffee’s terroir in every roast.

Responsibly Roasted