Roasting Coffee = Art + Science + Passion

RoasterThink of a slab of marble.  The marble is beautiful in itself.  However, a sculptor with vision, technique and zeal will transform the stone into something striking, with the ability to incite enjoyment and emotion.  As a sculptor seeks to enhance the natural beauty of marble, so we desire to respect and enhance the natural flavors of coffee.  We are always searching for and highlighting the terroir in every bean, from fruit to cup, this is where the art lies.

Robb checking on the roast.At its core, coffee roasting is cooking, and we develop our own recipes.  Imagine a gifted chef developing specific recipes to showcase ingredients and flavors from around the word.  In the same way we develop roasting profiles, that showcase the flavor and terroir of coffee from growing regions around the globe.  Each bean has an ideal roast where all of its flavor potential is unlocked, and our passion is to bring that potential to your cup.

Roaster WindowOur Coffee starts green and through carefully manipulating the development of the Maillard reaction it is transformed to a finished product.   The roasting profile is a function of time, temperature, air exposure, and rate of change throughout the process of applying heat to a coffee bean.  It takes months to roast green beans under many different conditions while carefully experimenting with these variables. The conversation we have with coffee involves documenting the results and finding the optimal roast, this is where the science lies.

Freshly Roasted BeansThe coffee you enjoy every day should be exceptional, it should have flavor, character and drinkability.   That’s at the core of why we put so much care and attention into every single detail of our roasts.  There is no timetable on how long it takes to find the terroir in a coffee or how long it takes to find a perfect balance between flavor and drinkability.  At Valentine, we shed the dogma of traditional roasting philosophy and speculate in earnest in a to find the perfect roast and experience the best coffee has to offer.